Song Feedback Workshop—Small Group Sessions (5 ppl max)

Thursday September 30 2021 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday October 7 2021 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday October 14 2021 6.30-8.30pm


Bring a work-in-progess you’d like to receive in-depth feedback on from Keppie and the group. Each song will receive 20-30 mins, as well as honing your craft through understanding the mechanics of what can make others’ songs transform as well.

If you are looking to book a Songwriting Workshop for your college, school, company, club, non-profit, or organization, Keppie is excited to offer a number of different workshop options, or can work with you to cater specifically to your group.


Generating Ideas

A series of exercises designed to stimulate ideas and demonstrate the power of sensory detail in lyric writing.

Lyric Writing Tools and Strategies

A hands-on venture into tools, structure, and strategies for lyric writing, honing in on a selection of elements including: sense writing exercises; phrasing and setting; song form and structure; rhyme and worksheets; building sections and song development; creating contrast; prosody; metaphor, point of view and pronouns; tense; chorus writing and writing from a title.

Creativity and the Brain

Identifying individual left/right hemisphere cognitive processes, and providing tools and strategies for accessing a whole brain approach to the creative process.

Natural Music in Language

Examining natural rhythm in speech and applying this knowledge to setting and matching phrases. Berklee Press published a short article about this class. You can view it by clicking HERE!

Song Circle Workshops

Providing in-depth feedback and critique on songs presented and performed in the workshop setting. Participants receive personal feedback as well as learning the principles underlying feedback to all participants.

Besides being an experienced teacher in the classroom and in private studio, Keppie is also certified by the Interaction Institute for Social Change in Facilitative Leadership, and Essential Facilitation.