Now Now Now

What I’m doing right now…

I teach at 3 different institutions: The Australian Institute of Music, the JMC Academy, and Berklee Online.

I am also a content creator and marketing manager for a music education start-up, River Road Interactive (

I am about to go into the studio record a new album; a collection of Tom Waits-inspired, dark, character-driven narrative songs, based on the strange lives of eccentric characters, beyond redemption.

I’m also working with a theatre director to turn the into a ramshackle folk opretta with the working title: “The Manifold Maladies of Mad River Junction”, which will debut at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September this year (2017).

I just finished a degree in Psychology, and am taking a break from academia while deciding whether to go for a PhD…

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, and general good-thinker.