I’m Keppie! I’m a songwriter and passionate educator. I currently teach songwriting and lyric writing for Berklee Online, the Sydney Conservatorium Open Academy, Collarts in Melbourne, and River Road. I’ve taught at the Australian Institute of Music. I was Assistant Professor of Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music, as well as teaching at the Songwriting School of Los Angeles.

I bring technical and theoretical knowledge of music and songwriting from a Bachelor of Professional Music at Berklee, with a love and sensitivity for contemporary songwriting, diverse styles, and a desire to help songwriters clarify and communicate their unique voice.

As a professional songwriter, I work in collaboration with many artists—from Indie bluegrass Canadians, to major label pop acts, and even heavy metal. As long as a songwriter shares my passion for creating meaningful lyrics, style and genre are no boundary at all.

I also teach teachers how to teach online, online! If you’re interested in upskilling your live online lessons, courses, or private one-on-ones, head over here.

Who is KC Song Studio for?

This website is a portal for songwriters dedicated to taking their craft to a professional level, as well as for songwriters who are interested in improving their craft and developing an engaged relationship with their listeners at any stage in their career. Through personal consultation and intensive workshops, Keppie is dedicated to assisting the creative process of songwriters, using craft and creativity to elevate your songs to the highest possible level.

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John Mayer says Keppie’s “voice is beautiful, just gorgeous. She’s like a contemporary female Nick Drake…and her guitar playing is so beautiful, so raw…”
The Boston Globe says “Coutts’s songs marry soul and folk so gorgeously, you’ll cheer when they get stuck on endless repeat on the jukebox in your brain.”